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Getting here

Kvarnen i knšllsberg is situated just off road # 29, on the river of BrškneŚn,
35 km north of Karlshamn, 10 km south of Tingsryd. A white road sign,
"Kvarnen" shows the way.

Contact information

Kvarnen i Knšllsberg

Mailing address: Knšllsberg 2, 362 92 Tingsryd
Visiting address: Knšllsberg 3

Telephone number
0477 - 12042
Email info@knallsberg.com

Eva          tel 070 - 366 29 15, eva@knallsberg.com
Martin   tel 0733 - 85 47 27, martin@knallsberg.com
Henrik   tel 073 - 067 38 26, henrik@knallsberg.com

About the company

Kvarnen i Knšllsberg started out as a way to broaden the family's farm exsisting  farm business and a way to find new business opportunity in the growing tourism and service industries. The company first started in 2003 as a summer run cafť. The company then moved into party and conference arrangements and eventually we started our bed & breakfast in 2007. Now the company is run as a limited and owned by Eva, Martin, and Henrik Johansson. The property is owned by Eva and Ryno Johansson.

We look at the future with great confidence as we have seen our business improve for every year. Everyone of us feels very grateful towards our ancestors who worked inimaginably hard in agriculture and forestry and made the landscape and the surrounding to what it is today. We hope to be able to share with You our services and what is best about our culture and nature.


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