Nature adventures on foot or by bike

Right now there is an interesting development work in progress concerning our nature trails.
On the area of Knällsberg we call Högaberg "tall mountain" we have let the national environment protection authority take over the ownership rights. This is because this area, where old oaks grow on hills consisting of large rocks brought
here by the ice age inland ice, makes up a very unique environment. A lot of delicate species of plants grow. Even though forestry is banned on the area we have got the permission to make walking trails giving the public access to this beautiful and special environment.

Around Knällsberg you will find both deciduous and coniferous forests, and in between meadows as well as ruin of old crofts. Along the river banks you willl find untouched wilderness with a rich flora and fauna. Animals include elk, roe deer, wild boar, lynx, hare, rabbit, capercaillie, wild ducks and many other forest birds and water living birds. Also, river otter has been spotted ocasionally.




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